The picture on the left show the position of the sticks when installed.  I chose to re-bend them a bit in a vise so I could make room for a floor shifter.  As you can see this brings them much closer together and in better reach, but it's not anything necessary. 


For the most part driving remains the same with the twin sticks.  I've found that you can easily slide the front axle in and out of high when you're on the road.  The rear axle can also be engaged and disengaged at regular speeds as long as you have the front axle in.  If you're rolling along at 30 and slip both into neutral at the same time you will have some grinding when trying to get either axle back in gear.  So whichever axle you want to use be sure you engage it before you disengage the other.

Besides that everything seems to be the same.  I find that the t-case will shift in and out of low much easier than before and all my t-case shifts are smoother.  Ricers don't know what to make of a front wheel drive burnout!!!

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