1978 F-250 Supercab Camper Special 4x4  460/C-6/NP205  Dana 60 front and rear

Just your average white trash

I'm just your average white trash.  I like shiny stuff, Monster Trucks, and beer.  Hobbies include playing with guns and fishing though I've yet to catch any damn fish.  It's pretty much an excuse to sit in a shiny boat and drink beer.  Pics below are from Monster Jam in Spokane . . . Just a typical redneck weekend!

Ford truck snapped an axle and then rolled his truck.  When they put it back on its wheels he drove away. 

It's a friggin truck with floppy dog ears on it.  Can you believe it???
The Monster Mutt

Props to the local guy crushing stuff, even if he's driving a Chevy.
The Captain

Okay, so I'm not the most organized person who ever lived.  My garage looks like a bomb went off.  I would like to provide a good excuse for it but hey, truth is I'm a slob.  I'll probably clean it up this weekend and by Wednesday next week it will look like this again.  It's a theft deterrent though.  I hide all of my valuables in the garage.  So far not even I can locate them.

My garage has just enough room for a toolbox, a workbench, engine stand, and all the crap I can't find a better place for.  Big projects have to go to my dad's 40'x100' shop.  Sadly my garage is only 19' long while my truck is 20' from bumper to bumper.

Bling Projects in the Future

460 block I plan to build for my truck

C-6 which will either be built or traded as core

I love my bling!  Billet aluminum battery boxes engraved with a Ford emblem.  These fit Optima batteries and will be installed when I have the motivation to put in my 200 Amp alternator.

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